Becoming that better version of yourself

creates a better version of our world 

Preview has developed a secular meditation technique to improve health and wellbeing by reducing stress, tension and anxiety in the home and the workplace. It’s a simple yet effective technique that centres on the positive core values of our shared humanity.

Meditation is now a proven and accepted method for reducing undue stress in our lives and leads to improved health and wellness outcomes. Through this meditation practice you will learn how our anxieties and fears exist largely in the mind and do not form part of our true nature that exists beneath the conditioned ego.

Through the regular daily practice, you will be creating your own personal connection to your wholeness, your deep inner goodness and the foundation of your being which is already whole and complete and needs very little from the external world.

Meditation is proven to evoke the relaxation response, which is the body’s own coping mechanism for dealing with stress. It releases the feel-good hormones Oxytocin, Endorphin, Serotonin and Dopamine in the brain creating hormonal balance throughout the body by balancing your biochemistry.

The relaxation response is therefore a natural way to counter the fight or flight response triggered by stress and prevent your body from over producing the stress hormones adrenalin and cortisol in day-to-day situations when there is no clear and present danger. Producing the stress hormones all day long and for extended periods of time is proven to be harmful to your physical health and mental wellbeing.

And so, by making time in your daily routine to sit in the stillness of meditation to still the mind, and by evoking the relaxation response, you are doing the single most powerful thing you can do to counter stress and the many “stress-related-dependencies” that can be so harmful to health.

You will bring improved physical health and mental wellbeing back into your life as a deeper awareness unfolds, becoming more conscious, more aware and more alert to how unsustainable and potentially harmful our lifestyles have become. Seeing also how these lifestyles have been “normalised” in society despite their negative impacts to health and our beautiful earth.

Personal Development

Personal Development

Become that better version of yourself by becoming more conscious, more aware, more mindful 

Improved Health & Happiness

Improved Health & Happiness

Improve your physical health and mental wellbeing by reducing stress

Personal Peace & Harmony

Personal Peace & Harmony

Increase focus and the positive energy you need to achieve your life goals 

Become calm, centred and relaxed:

  • Connect each day to your wholeness, your deep inner goodness and the foundation of your being
  • Grow and strengthen your true sense of self beyond the ego
  • Rediscover the peace, happiness and love you enjoyed as a child through a deeper inner connection Nafina Technique is free for good reason, just make a donation if you find it helpful

Download the technique and or book a course of tuition classes to get you started.

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Start meditating

Start meditating and TRULY COMMIT to a daily meditation routine.

Reconnect with your inner peace and happiness

Discover a difference between projecting happiness and truly being happy.


“without meditation where is peace, without peace, where is happiness”