Meditation Tips

You can not meditate poorly or get it wrong!

Don’t judge the experience as it will be subtly different each time.

You don’t need silence to reach the stillness!

If there is external noise in the street or around the house, that’s just life, let it be. Allow!

Be kind to yourself and have no expectations!

Don’t beat yourself up, don’t stress yourself with expectations of becoming Buddha overnight.
Be patient. Be gentle.

The stillness is always there within you.
You already have it!

It is not something that you have to find or acquire.
All I’m doing here is showing you how to reconnect.
Understanding this simple fact is the key to the development of your self awareness.
Developing your self-awareness is key to your meditation.


It’s not about changing your life, most of us can’t do that

It’s about changing your relationship to your life.
This you can do, and this will set you free.