The Concept


This is a simple, effective and easy to learn meditation practice aimed at helping as many people as possible to meditate and thus bring more peace, more presence and more love into their lives, the lives of their family and friends, and on into the wider troubled world in which we live. It will connect you to that still place within, common in all human beings on the planet and has the potential to unite us all as we learn compassion, forgiveness and the none-judgment of others.

As your present moment awareness develops and grows, and as we dissolve the stress and conditioning that keeps us locked into old patterns of thinking and behaviours, we are freeing ourselves from the daily struggle we all have trying to control every aspect of our lives, rather than going with the natural flow of being and of nature.

It will also free you from the many negative effects of the constant cultural conditioning occurring around the world today that is not deliberately, but effectively, taking away your own sense of yourself.

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The Basic Concept

There are in fact two sides to the human condition, our inner self, the awareness or consciousness and our outer self, the conditioned ego, and so the physical and the none physical facets to human identity. The inner self is our true nature, our pure presence and is the primary state of being although we tend to lose this awareness as we enter adulthood as by then we are mostly dominated by the outer self, the conditioned ego, a secondary layer of being and a product of the personality, the conditioning, and our life experiences to date. In short then, we all have an Unconditioned and a Conditioned Self. Meditation Practice has developed a technique that will progressively take you back to that unconditioned self within where peace, love and happiness along with your essential innocence still resides. As adults we have all lost touch with some of that natural beauty we had as a child, but it is still there beneath the layers of life experience and any pain and suffering we may have endured along the way. It is still there beneath the protection we form around ourselves as a consequence of that experience and, it is still there beneath the cultural conditioning we are subject to throughout our lifetime. A conditioning that can exploit a decreased sense of self that we all have through the lack of awareness of the human duality I refer to above.

Now that’s pretty much it. Don’t look for anything more complicated when you either start to meditate or seek a basic level understanding of what meditation is or what it can do for you. Just sit still as often as you can and your inner peace, your own presence, will reveal itself to you. Your old patterns will start to dissolve as you heal. Any anger or sadness, the sheer madness of the ego sometimes, along with any drama you hold onto from the past and or project into the future, will melt away. To simplify still further: we are all far more than the sum of our parts and our life experiences to date. We are far more than “the story” that we have come to believe defines us as human beings.

So how does it work?

When we meditate and reduce the thinking mind to fewer thoughts, or no thoughts at all, we enter a different state of being. The primary state of being, pure being or pure presence. In this ‘presence’ state of mind, our natural state before the conditioning occurred, we find peace and dissolve stress that gets trapped in the body and the body’s nervous system. Stress can remain trapped for decades and if not addressed may lead to a whole lifetime of stress-related dependency. Prescription and non-prescription drug dependency, alcohol, nicotine, illegal drugs and, increasingly, overeating are just some examples of how we can react to the symptoms but not remove the cause of our unhappiness. This behaviour can result in a whole host of physical and mental illnesses and inevitably more suffering.

The good news is that we can in fact break the cycle and the conditioning. The body and the mind can and will heal itself given the right conditions. Meditation sets up the conditions for self-healing. During your regular meditation routine, slowly but surely you start to change as you heal from within and release the stress and tension trapped in the body and its nervous system. Yoga, good nutrition, regular exercise and getting plenty of sleep are also very effective in releasing this stress and tension, so try and combine them with your daily meditation routine. When you start to experience the different state of being, however subtle at first, more peace and more love enter your world from the true source within you. As a result, “your story”, and any stress or unhappiness you carry around with you start to fade away. Over time, and as your awareness of this ever changing and fluid experience grows, you become aware of the awareness itself which is huge as the awareness or “pure consciousness” is who we all really are beyond the confines of the conditioned ego and physical body. It’s none-physical and so survives physical death which is merely the transition of consciousness. Eternal life anyone? 

Again, I’m keeping this simple and to the point. It’s a new take, for a new time, on an old and varied theme that you may already be familiar with as cultures around the world and for all time have only ever produced differing interpretations of the same thing.

This is not a difficult or protracted meditation practice. It’s not a belief system or complex religion that has taken on centuries of human interpretation and influence. There are no tricks and no surprises here. For me at least, meditation has been like taking that turn onto the road that leads you all the way home. And I use that particular metaphor because that’s truly how it feels, like a belonging to everyone and to everything around you. In fact you could say we all suffer a longing for belonging at some level and you could argue that that’s why it’s very common for large groups of people to belong or follow a particular religious path, ideology or even a celebrity or football team. Meditation Practice is intended to be complementary with all religions, faiths and belief systems and football teams! :  ) It’s not a replacement or alternative to them. If your dependency on any of the above fades as you discover more peace and freedom, more love and joy as your essential-self unfolds, then that’s a very special place to be, and a profound insight into who you really are beyond the physical and the conditioning.


The proof of any of this of course is in the doing, like most things. And for me it really has been in the pure experience – as it will be for you. It becomes less important to prove how something works when you experience it working. I don’t need to do the maths any more to show me how this works in theory when I can experience it working day after day in practice.

Additionally, and to my complete amazement, the love that I have longed for all my days has been within me the whole time, and it is also within you. I still miss the intimacy of someone close but the frantic search for love is over, and the loneliness I have felt during periods of my own journey due to the “supposed” lack of love in my life has now faded. I feel connected, to all things and all people: a connection that continues to develop and deepen as this remains a fluid experience for everyone. I still have my ego moments, we all do, and we always will, but they become fewer and far between and diminish in their intensity as we learn to put down the load and let go of our dependence on the conditioned ego self to protect us from the world.


Consider this for a few moments: a future where people on mass turn inward and operate their lives from the set of core values that reside there: love and kindness, compassion, acceptance and non-judgement of others, allowing people to be, sharing resources and helping each other.

We have all seen how, during a crisis or emergency – an earthquake, flood or terrorist attack – how the smoke always clears to reveal those positive core values and “the very best” of the human potential. A coming together as one people because we are one people first and foremost before any separation or judgement occurs. Regardless of faith, colour or creed we help each other and those in need. Well, forgive me, but why on earth have we to wait for something terrible or evil to happen before we can show our true nature to each other? And where does it go to once the earthquake is over? Once the waters recede or the blood in the streets has been cleaned? Well, it’s still there! It simply hides away again behind the conditioned ego. A conditioned ego that is unfortunately all too easily, and all too often, open to being driven by negativity, and by greed, envy, corruption and evil and ultimately “the very worst” of the human potential that we see represented in our news media every single day.

Yet, at this time in our shared human experience, amidst a failing system presiding over global population rise occurring at the same time as global resource depletion, how super awesome would it be to turn the tide on the ever-increasing human tragedy unfolding in practically every country in the world as a direct consequence of that greed and corruption. That individual’s very own inner peace, and inner presence, once rediscovered and developed through the increasing awareness that meditation affords us, could grow in us all and change the paradigm!

The Nafina Technique
& seven principles

Sit in a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths. Rest and repeat the seven principles for peace below to lead you into the meditation state and de-clutter your mind of the day’s activities and thoughts.

Be still for 10, 20, or 40 minutes – or whatever time you have.

When you get distracted by a thought (which is perfectly normal) repeat one of the principles to bring yourself back to the stillness. This will become a natural response to random thoughts and over time you will lose focus less often and remain in the stillness for a longer period. In the stillness created, we heal and grow.

Seven principles for peace


Allow everything to be – resist nothing


Watch the mind – stay alert


Stay present – free from time, free from drama


Remain fully conscious – and forgive the unconscious


Bathe in true peace – inner freedom from external conditions


Surrender to what is – the flow of being, the joy of being


Create no more pain – end all judgement and thus all suffering

The seven principles
for peace explained

Allow everything to be – resist nothing. The word allow is hugely powerful all by itself. When we allow people, places and situations or circumstances just to be as they are, any stress, frustration or discomfort that you associate with them starts to fade and can dissolve completely as your relationship to them has now changed. You can test this in a busy supermarket queue when people are stressed and in a hurry. Allow the situation to be as it is and see how calm and relaxed you become and then ask yourself which method of navigating around a busy supermarket you prefer. Then imagine everybody in the supermarket also allowing! Allow doesn’t mean that you simply do nothing if something clearly needs to be addressed, it’s just a positive mental position from which to work. It means you allow first, reducing any emotional charge that may be present and then Respond accordingly, not Resist and React adversely which is a very common form of confrontation in human relationships. Resistance also leads to labelling and pronouncing judgment over someone or something which is satisfying to, and a negative energy feed for, the conditioned ego and so is better avoided.


Watch the mind – stay alert. As you close your eyes and repeat the seven principles of peace to settle into your meditation just watch the empty space in front of you. Watching the mind promotes the alertness, being alert promotes the stillness, becoming still brings you peace. Being at peace is true happiness. Alert means being ready for any random thoughts passing through your awareness and as you become adept at this practice you will find that just your awareness of the thought activity itself becomes sufficient to discard it, and you will settle back into the stillness. In time, you won’t even need the technique which is merely a tool to help you on your way.


Stay present – free from time, free from drama. As you become acquainted with your own Presence and your awareness of this level of functioning grows, you will want to blend it into your daily life more fully. So stay present, don’t leave it in the room or the place you were just meditating. Take it with you into the day ahead and experience the freedom that brings. Your presence can never leave you of course because it is the primary part of you. What leaves you is the awareness of your presence as you get busy and stressed with the content of your day. Being free from time and drama means living in the present moment and not worrying all day long about things that happened in the past and things that may or may not happen in the future.


Remain fully conscious – and forgive the unconscious. In this context ‘conscious’ means you have some awareness of your inner self, who you truly are at the core of your being, and that you are living by the core values that reside there. ‘Unconscious’ refers to someone with no understanding or self-awareness or someone locked into the denial of it through fear of the unknown. In this context it does not mean someone who is sleeping or sedated. Remaining fully conscious or becoming fully conscious is the intention of this meditation practice. This includes forgiving those who are not yet aware of their true nature and who may have done you an injustice due to their unconsciousness.


Bathe in true peace – inner freedom from external conditions. Being at peace is a totally sublime experience. When you start to feel the love that’s already there within you and create a space in your day to do so, you will want to bathe in that experience. When you are present and peaceful you are also free. Free from the ravages of the conditioned ego and all its needy controlling and free from the conditioned ego of others. How the world of judgment and prejudices perceives you becomes less important because you now recognise it for what it is, unconsciousness.


Surrender to what is – the flow of being, the joy of being. Surrender not in the same sense as giving up but surrendering yourself to the circumstances you are in at that moment. Surrender in this context lessens the resolve of the ego, as there is nothing for it to fight against and oppose to strengthen its sense of separation and superiority. Ego, which includes the collective ego identity of Nation’s, political parties and minority groups, lives through comparison: asserting that it’s better than someone else, stronger than, has more or knows more than the other person or persons. Surrendering removes the fuel from the fire of the conditioned ego. Practicing non-resistance and allowing together bring about a smoother experience of life, a natural flow of being. A flow of being that may well flow through many physical lifetimes to develop the awareness of consciousness fully and completely. Joy is best described as inner happiness. Inner happiness comes from being who you truly are and therefore at peace with yourself and the world, even a troubled world, because you understand that the trouble in the world is largely created by the conditioned human ego. This is also huge because the solution is so simple!


Create no more pain – end all judgement and thus all suffering. When you have fully surrendered, when you can be present and still in your life, regardless of the current circumstances, and live life in the present moment with full awareness of your inner beauty and the inner beauty of all who surround you, whether they be conscious or not; when you can live without judgement, then you have stopped creating stress and pain for yourself and for others. You have not just found peace and resolved your own struggle with life but are now contributing through your presence and by your example to the growth of self-awareness in others. You have turned away from centuries of harmful human conditioning and are evolving Complete Consciousness.