Hello and welcome to theStillPlace.com. I look forward to being able to introduce you to this secular meditation technique and share my lived experience of meditative practices.

I have set up the website to share the meditation and to assist people in finding peace and happiness in life through discovering the stillness and beauty within themselves. The meditation has led me to a very special place of acceptance and peace. I believe that as more and more people start to meditate and feel the same level of empathy, compassion and love for themselves and their own journey, their fellow human beings and the natural world for which all are lives depend, it’s not so unbelievable that it will make the world a better place to be as we live more from the positive core values of our shared humanity, that stem from the still place deep inside all of us.

I have self-taught the practice and been influenced over the years by Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now, by the Ishaya Monks of New Zealand and Australia, and by Christianity and Buddhism. Yet I have always struggled with the many conflicting concepts of God that there are in the world and the endless inhumanity that occurs as a result.

If our “collective consciousness” turns out to be “God” in whatever form, then that’s ok too, but maybe there would be more peace and stability if we were to cross that particular bridge when we came to it. Conflicting and competing religions asserting their particular brand of “the truth” inevitably produces a sense of separation and superiority amongst us, all be it inadvertently perhaps.

This is having the increasing effect of polarising people and countries alike, of the politicalisation of religion and the subsequent manipulation of those with faith, leading to more hostility and grief being born into the world.

Read on, good luck with the practice, and keep in touch!